Friday, December 25, 2009

Baked French Toast

This is a Christmas morning tradition at my house. It's so easy. I prepare it the night before and let it sit in the refrigerator. Then, I pop it in the oven and let it bake while we open gifts. By the time we get hungry, a fancy breakfast is ready and waiting. Just add syrup, microwave bacon, and fruit. I used an artisan organic French bread for this particular batch because it was the only loaf left at the grocery store on Christmas Eve.


6 eggs
3 cups milk
1 loaf French bread, sliced
1 tsp cinnamon
1 tsp grated orange zest
1/3 cup fresh or frozen cranberries
1/3 cup brown sugar


1. In a 4-cup mixing bowl, beat eggs with a fork. Add milk until the level reaches at least 4 cups.
2. Mix in cinnamon, orange zest, cranberries, and sugar.
3. Butter a 9x13 glass or casserole dish.
4. Cut bread into smaller pieces, (halves or thirds) arrange in the pan.
5. Pour the egg mixture over the bread. With hands, or the back of a large spoon or small plate, squish the bread into the egg mixture until it is flattened and well saturated.
6. Cover with plastic wrap and set heavy plates on top to keep the bread saturated in the liquid. Keep in the fridge until morning.
7. Preheat the oven to 350 F. Bake for 35 minutes.

Inspiration: I've read recipes like this in magazines, but mostly, I made this one up.

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Sarah said...

ooohhh sneaky! I found your cooking blog! holla, new recip-es for me!